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ad.                   advertised

arr.                   arranged

AWK              Albert W. Ketelbey

b                      bass

bt                     baritone

BBC                BBC Music Library

BL                   British Library Music Library

BM                  Banks Music Publishers

BP                   Birmingham Public Library

c                      contralto

Col.                 Columbia

cond.               conducted

HEBM             Heritage Encyclopedia of Band Music

inc.                  incomplete

LC                   Library of Congress

m.                    matrix number

mand               mandoline

MP                  Manchester Public Library

MPSO             Music for piano and small orchestra

Min Orch         Miniature orchestra

MS                  Music Sales Ltd

MV                  The Music Vault

NUC               listed in National Union Catalog (USA)

O,orch             orchestra/orchestrated

PD                   Peter Deverill’s collection

perf.                 date of earliest known performance

pf                     piano

PRS                 Performing Right Society files

pub                  publisher's archive

rec.                  recorded

ri.                     re-issued

rr.                     re-recorded

s                       soprano

SD                   Scènes dramatiques

t                       tenor

TM                  Tom McCanna's collection

vc                    cello

vn                    violin

WE                  William Elkin Music Services