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Scope and presentation of information


This catalogue aims to list all British editions of Ketèlbey's music, together with details of unpublished works.  A few interesting editions from continental Europe and USA are also included.   The recordings listed are those made under the composer's supervision


The catalogue is divided into sections for different performing media.   Within each section the works are arranged roughly chronologically by date of publication.   Details are given of title, subtitle, pseudonym, publisher, copyright date, numerical section of plate number, date when a copy was deposited in the British Museum/Library, miscellaneous notes, and a single known location of material.





Works are arranged within year-bands by publisher and plate number.  Where these details are lacking or ambiguous, other factors have been taken into consideration, including date of first known performance, and the date when the British Museum received a copy under the copyright deposit legislation (normally within two years of publication).  Works which cannot be assigned accurately within a year or two are listed after the chronological sequence.  Works listed in Pazdírek: Universal-Handbuch der Musikliteratur are assumed to be have been contained in publishers' catalogues not later than 1906.





Titles are given in English, except in those editions where another language is given first.   Capitalization follows the standards used in New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.  The title information used for recordings has been standardised.



Names and pseudonyms


The composer used the form Albert W. Ketèlbey in his personal correspondence, and for most of his published music.   The accent does not appear on his birth certificate, nor in his recordings made with Columbia.


He used several pseudonyms, which are shown alongside the relevant titles: A. William Aston, André de Basque, Dennis Charlton, Raoul Clifford, Geoffrey Kaye and Anton Vodorinski.  He was almost certainly the pianist in the recording duo Louis and Lewis, the latter name being borrowed from his father-in-law.



Publication details


Most published works bear a copyright date, which is shown in the column marked ©.  In the cases of arrangements and reprints, this does not always correspond to the actual year of publication, which is indicated in the Notes column. 



Works in several different versions


Most of Ketèlbey's music can be identified as being originally for one particular performing medium, which was often later followed by arrangements.  These latter are indicated in the notes column.  From around 1920, however, piano and orchestral versions seem to have been prepared simultaneously, especially by Bosworth, who used their London office for piano versions and their Leipzig office for orchestral versions.   It can be assumed that the orchestral version represents the composer's preferred medium for these works.




The information was checked in 1998, but some archive copies have been lost since then, in particular when Bosworth merged with Music Sales.  Single locations for each edition are given, where known.   In most cases an alternative location will be my own private collection. Works still available from the original publisher can be traced from the list of publishers below, but where the publisher has changed, details are given in brackets. 


BBC     BBC Music Library

BL       British Library Music Library

BM      Banks Music Publishers

BP        Birmingham Public Library

LC       Library of Congress

MP       Manchester Public Library

MS       Music Sales Ltd

MV      The Music Vault

NSA     National Sound Archive

PD       Peter Deverill’s collection

TM       Tom McCanna's collection

pub      publisher's archive

The following publishers issued Ketèlbey’s music, but many no longer have archive copies.

Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew (Music Vault)

Bosworth (Music Sales)

Boosey (Boosey & Hawkes)


Tuckwood (Music Vault)

Ashdown (Music Sales)

Francis, Day & Hunter

Hammond (Music Sales)

Hawkes (Boosey & Hawkes)

Keith Prowse (Music Vault/Banks Music Publishers)

Larway (Music Sales)

Novello (Music Sales)

Paxton (Music Sales)

Patey & Willis (Music Sales)


Rudall Carte (Boosey & Hawkes)


Trinity College of Music, published by Hammond

WE William Elkin Music Services (Music Sales)





As Musical Director for Columbia Graphophone Company, Ketèlbey would have been responsible for many recordings issued by Columbia and Regal, even if he was not named on the label or in the company's lists.  The Recordings section of this catalogue includes several recordings which lack conductor details, but were almost certainly recorded under the supervision of the composer.


His work would also have entailed making arrangements and orchestrations for recording.   The Arrangements section lists a few which were attributed to him, but many of the recordings of other composers' works must surely have been selected, arranged and edited by him.  Details of his other recordings can be found in the following sources:

Columbia 10" records 1904-30, by Frank Andrews  (City of London Phonograph & Gramophone Society, 1985)

Columbia twelve-inch records in the United Kingdom 1906-1930, by Ronald Taylor (Symposium Records, 1994)

The complete Regal catalogue (February 1914 to December 1932), by Arthur Badrock & Frank Andrews (City of London Phonographic & Gramophone Society, 1991)





The author is grateful for the help by the many publishers, librarians and private enthusiasts he has approached, including Ann Adams, Nick Barnard, Alan Batty, Stephen Berry, Margaret Broadbridge, Mike Dawney, Peter Deverill, John H. Gibbs, Andrew Lamb, William Neve, Pat Phillips, Michael Plant, Howard Rogerson, John Sant, Philip L. Scowcroft, Verity Steele, Ronald Taylor, Ernest Tomlinson, Stuart Upton, and in particular Howard Friend of Bosworth's.



Tom McCanna

September 2000, revised March 2004, November 2009