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ad                           advert


ARG                       American Record Guide


b                              bass


BL                          in catalogue of British Library National Sound Archive


bt                            baritone


CAS                        audio cassette


cat.                         record company's catalogue


CD                          compact disc


LP                           long-playing record, 12” unless specified


MMU                     Meisterwerke moderner Unterhaltungsmusik


MO                         Musical Opinion


Ms                          mezzo soprano


NX                      Naxos Music Library,


O                             Orchestra


p                              page


PD                           in Peter Deverill’s collection


rec.                          recorded


rr.                            re-recorded


s                              soprano


SO                           Symphony Orchestra


SW                          Sound Wave


t                               tenor


TM                         in Tom McCanna’s collection


TM CAS                taped copy in Tom McCanna's collection


TM CD                  CD copy in Tom McCanna’s collection


VLM                      Vintage Light Music


WC                         WorldCat