The Heart's Awakening

a 50th Anniversary CD Recital of Songs & Piano Music


ALBERT W. KETTELBEY (1875 - 1959)

Peter Dempsey (tenor) accompanied by Guy Rowland


The Heart's Awakening Anniversary CD Cover
The Country That I Love
  Sing Heigho !
Believe Me True
  Young & Old
The Knight's Return
  Bells Across The Meadows
  The Heart's Awakening
  My Heart A-Dream
Sweetheart Mine
  Those Bells So Softly Pealing
The Morning Was Bright
  Keep Your Toys Laddie Boy !
Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind
  With The Roumanian Gypsies
The Phantom Melody
  In A Monastery Garden
Thy Throne
  I Dream Of All The Worlds
Lady Of Dreams

The Heart’s Awakening CD £9.95 incl. p & p- Available from Guy Rowland

For over 50 years, Ketelbey's music was enjoyed by millions in Britain and Overseas.It was played regularly on the wireless and out and about by palm court orchestras, terashop trios, military bands, municipal orchestras, cinema organists and a host of professional and amateur pianists. 'In a Persian Market' and 'Bells Across The Meadows' were hummed and whistled daily by milkmen and solicitors, dustmen and accountants, cleaning ladies and ladies of leisure. Popular success in the field of light music, made Ketelbey the first British composer to attain millionaire status.

In 1915 he published 'In A monestary Garden', the piece for small orchestras that would transform his life. Many other pieces followed all with one recurring thread: that of romance. As the Birmingham Despatch noted in 1928, this was 'the key by which Mr Ketelbey unlocked the magical gate leading to fame with the great British public' that subtle, almost indefinable mystic something that softens hearts and lulls one almost into tears is the formula - very difficult to discover - of finding success with the many. It has been adopted by musicians, painters, novelists, actors and singers for centuries past. It may not be highly intellectual but it is clean, honest and entertaining.'

The music of Albert Ketelbey entertained and entranced audiences throughout the 1920's, 1930's and beyond. Notwithstanding many changes in fashion, even today there are many folks whose minds still grow wistful at the strains of his haunting and enchanting melodies.


Dr. Carl Chinn MBE PH.D.